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About Us



Like many, Rochana Singal, the founder of Monkinz, believes in the fact that humans have evolved from apes/monkeys. This theory of evolution sparked the beginning of Monkinz simply meaning related to Monkeys! Still a kid at heart, she loves not just her brand Monkinz, but all the other Monkinz out there too! 

Our story began in April 2017 when Monkinz was conceived by a simple idea that would bring abundant joy and smiles to all those who are entering parenthood. Our mission is to be a part of their journey in such a way that our products spread happiness as soon as they catch a glimpse of them. 
Our products are loved equally by babies and their parents alike. Designed to spread smiles and happiness to all monkinz out there, they are made from the finest quality material and expert craftsmanship. Not only are they excellent products for the babies to play with, they can also be used to decorate your little ones room, nursery or play area!

In such a short span, not only have we won hearts throughout India, but also in various other continents like America, Europe, Middle East & Asia. We really appreciate the constant love pouring in day and night by our clients! 
We at Monkinz, cherish each and every special moment of your child! To add smiles to their faces, laughter in their lives and magic to their rooms, we have come up with the most adorable and lovable range of products, absolutely safe for your little one to use and play with. Our cute merchandise can be made more special and personal by getting it customised with your little one's name on it! 
Now who wouldn't want that!?
Our vision and mission at Monkinz remains simple and clear - SPREAD SMILES, HAPPINESS & LOTS OF MAGIC ACROSS AS MANY MONKINZ AS POSSIBLE!